Low Calorie Drinks and Calorie Values

It is shown that is a chart of calorie values for the most consumed drinks per day. Some of these drinks are more and some have less calories. Do not consume drinks with high calories to eat healthy food.

How many Calorie Values in Drinks?

We need to give up a lot of food to lose weight slowly and regularly in a healthy way. In particular, we should not consume sugary drinks that have too much calories. These can be found calorie- free in beverages.

If you want to have a healthy diet, firstly you should stay away from drinks such as coke, yellow coke and soda. Some drinks do not contain any calories when they drink sugar-free. The main thing is the amount of calories, these are sugar-free Turkish coffee and sugar-free tea, the calorie value is zero and there isn’t any calorie. Apart from this, plain soda with no fruit is also calorie-free healthy drinks.

Most of the drinks have calories, they are listed as follows. Low and high calorific drinks are given in the table below.

  • Cocoa (milk and sugar) = 91 calories
  • Coke = 39 calories
  • Ice tea = 30 calories
  • Orange juice = 45 calories
  • Apple juice = 47 calories
  • Cow milk = 61 calories
  • Sheep milk = 108 calories
  • Ayran = 38 calories
  • Tomato juice = 21 calories
  • Green tea = 2 calories
  • Salep = 80 calories

Obesity effect of carbonated beverages

Everyone knows how these beverages are consumed unconsciously. But these products, which are rich in calories and sugar, provide to gain weight, affect our life. Due to these beverages, body mass index is gradually expanding and cause to obesity. Their calorific value is 150 calories of a glass.

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