How much calorie in a pound?

How Much Calorie burns for a pound and How Much Calorie Does it Equal?

For losing weight during the slimming period,  how much calorie burns, the body will lose one pound and examine that these calories which burned is equal to how many pounds; How Much Calorie Should Be Burned To Lose one pound? Pound is undoubtedly a problem for everyone. The fact that the body which constitutes a problem visually is the trigger for the different diseases, makes it important. In today, the risk of obesity has increased considerably due to the tendency to the convenience foods, high consumption of fast food, and unbalanced nutrition and inactivity. The most precise solution to prevent this global disease is to avoid high calorie foods and do sports.

How Much Calorie Should Be Burned To Lose 1 pound?

You need to burn an average of 7000-7500 calories to lose 1 pound. According to this, losing one pound, It makes 7000 calories equal to the this. The fat of woman who 70 kilos equals 110,000 calories, and men’s 80,000 calories. For losing weight, You can look at here calorie writing.

Although this number seems like a lot, it’s actually not a high calorie value. Particularly during the summer months if swimming, walking, running and exercising regularly, it will be easier to lose weight and the body will be more shaped.

For those people who have the opportunity swimming regularly in the indoor pools in summer or winter, this sport is both fun and highly effective. The amount of calories to be lost  is 600 per hour.

There are much more effective ways for those who don’t find any time to swim. If you run up the stairs you can lose 900 calories per hour. Of course, you will see this effect when you do it yourself and repeat it for a long time.

Find a rope you can use at home and go back to your childhood. This is fun work, skipping a rope equals 780 calories per hour.

How much calorie Should Be Burned To lose weight?

Carbohydrates: 1 gram 4 calories

Proteins: 1 gram 4 calories

Oils: 1 gram 9 calories

As can be seen, all the ingredients give a very high calorie value to the body, but the oil is clearly ahead in all. Therefore, in order to lose weight, the oils must be burned and the calories of oils must be burned. We gave up above how much calorie in a pound.

In the form of slimming, which occurs suddenly and excessively quickly, the body tries to break down other components before the fat, and this is not healthy. If Edema and carbohydrates are burned when you lose weight, but they are recovered very quickly. Matter is the burning of oil. You need to stay away from the diet list, which gives you 10 pounds a week. Do not lose  your health when you say I’ll be slim.


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