How Many Calories Should I Burn Per Day

One of the issues that should be taken by everybody who wants to lose weight is the amount of calories that should be taken daily and the number of calories they are going to burn. Scientific research has shown that people who want to lose weight can lose weight if they burn too much of it. Determination of the amount of calories to be taken daily and calculation of the calorie to be burned is carried out by expert dieticians. However, some people can do the same calculations on their own with internet. Balancing the calories gained and the calories burned, in what way, plays a major role in achieving these goals.

How is the daily caloric consumption determined to lose weight?

The amount of calories to be consumed in a day for loss weight can vary according to the age of the person, the weight of the job they are doing, their gender, how much activity they do in a day and their genetic factors. Although it is not possible to make a precise calculation for this reason, it is possible to subtract some amount and act accordingly. In order to be able to receive more kilos, the amount of calories consumed per day should be well known.

How can the human body burn calories on a daily basis?

The reason why the human body can burn calories on a daily basis is basal metabolism. Basal metabolism is a kind of machine that works endlessly for the body and is necessary for sustaining all vital activities. The higher the basal metabolic rate, the greater the amount of calories consumed per day. In order to attenuate the basal metabolic rate, it comes up against all kinds of researches on calorie burning. To weaken, there is a strong link between daily caloric consumption and basal metabolism, because basal metabolism allows the body to burn calories on a regular basis every day to survive, even if the body does nothing and does not move at all.

How many calories should be consumed to lose weight per day?

The daily caloric need should be calculated as soon as possible after consultation with expert dieticians, and the amount of calories to be consumed per day should be determined. As everyone’s metabolism will be different, considering the other factors, it is a more correct decision to determine the daily caloric consumption in a reliable place and in a special way by the expert dieticians.

How can calories be burned to lose weight?

There are some methods of burning calories in order to lose weight. Those who apply these methods regularly can start to lose weight in a short time.

Pumping muscles to Daily Caloric consumption

One of the best caloric consumption methods; Sports and exercise. In this method of muscle groups, loss weight can be achieved quickly. It is important to focus on the muscles of the leg and abdomen which provide the most caloric consumption on the body, with no significance of which muscle group. Pumping muscles also directly affects the basal metabolic rate and ensures that the metabolic rate works much more. According to researches; It has been found that people with a muscular body can burn much more calories per day than normal people.


Protein supplement to burn extra calories

Foods such as milk, cheese, eggs, yoghurt, legumes, fish and meat contain high amounts of amino acids that are essential for the formation of muscles with high protein content. For this reason, plenty of protein is needed to burn calories daily for pumping the muscles up.

Regular Sleep to burn Calories

One of the most basic conditions for daily caloric consumption for loss weight is regular sleep. Because regular sleep is the accelerator effect of basal metabolism, It is very important for those who want to burn calories to sleep for at least 8 hours every day.


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