How Many Calories is Algida Magnum ?

Now, Algida has 8 types of Magnum ice cream and magnum mini. Magnum with delicious tastes that Calorie of magnum ice cream, nutritional value and price of it is given below. Also, examine below whether gains weight or not. Does Magnum Calorie gain Weight on Diet?

Does Magnum gain weight on a diet? Whether it gains weight or not in general, it is relevant to you’re the diet program. You can see the values of oil, sugar, carbohydrates in the table. Certainly, we do not say to eat magnum on a diet, but we must be very careful when consuming, otherwise we can say that it will be gained weight.

How many calories are there in types of magnum? Calorie quantities are taken from Algida brand. Magnum calorie varies according to the types. The classic magnum has 240 calories, while the double chocolate has 290 Kcal. Double Blackberry & Blackberry has 280 calories. Other Magnum mini and Kisses Series calories are in charts.

Magnum Tiramisu: 250 CALORIES

Magnum Creme Brule: 260 CALORIES

Magnum Classic: 240 CALORIES


Magnum White: 250 CALORIES

Magnum Peanuts: 250 CALORIES

Magnum Double Chocolate: 290 CALORIES

Magnum Double Blackberry & Blackberry: 280 calories

Magnum Mini with almonds: 140 Calories

Mini Classic: 140 Calories

Especially in the summer months, magnum calorie with low price which we prefer is above. When you are on a diet, you should act with deliberation about losing weight and eat on a certain day of the week. Being out of the calorie diet list frame that you prepare will be more difficult on losing weight process.


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