How Many Calories İn Chips ?

When eating chips on a diet that is among the foods that contain high calories, eating will be unhealthy. It will be more accurate to eat boiling instead of frying in plenty of oil. There are diet salad that made with boiled potatoes and the calorie value is very low. How many calories in chips and does it constipation?

How Many Calories in chips? Does it gain weight?

As you can see on the calorie chart below, the chips calorie of 100 grams is 530 kcal. The calories of one portion are 400-450 calories. One small potato’s calorie that is boiled is between 60-70.

Does it gain weight? With more calories and unhealthy nutritional value, there is a group of foods that will never be consumed during the losing weight process, and  if you eat on a diet, it gains weight and is unhealthy.

Does it constipate?

Chips are among the harm foods, unfortunately, constipation is coming. Generally, unhealthy potatoes do constipate and raise cholesterol. In addition to vein stiffness, it can invite obesity.

Beware of pregnant women and new mothers: There are too many “acrylamide” in the milk of new mothers who eat these foods, which is a dangerous situation for both the baby and the mother. Can the pregnant women eat chips? We absolutely say no to the problem, but you can eat a couple of slices that want too much.

Among the harms of the potato are the triggering of cancer risk. If we want to eat healthily, we must stay away from the useless chips meals, we should not get used to this food instead of recommending it to children.

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