How Many Calories In a Watermelon ?

Does Watermelon Gain Weight And How Many Calories In a Watermelon?

Fruits are generally known as feeling of satiety, but after 1 hour they lose their satiety. Watermelon does not contain cholesterol, but it has a high amount of sugar in its content, it can be said to cause gain weight, if it consumes too much watermelons, and it is beneficial to consume carefully. To answer the question of whether eat watermelon to lose weight or not ; does Watermelon gain weight on a diet?

How Many Calories  in 1 portion Watermelon: 100 grams of watermelon have 30 calories. This nutritional value is not a high, but as we mentioned, the level of sugar will affect you if you are on a diet. it is enough to consume 1 portion.

Does watermelon gain weight? Watermelons which contains the most amount of water do not gain weight. This is a situation related to the watermelon you eat. For example, during the summer, the watermelon is eaten on a diet, and experts say that if watermelon has been eaten too much, 1 portion is not caused to gain weight.

Does Watermelon Eat when on a Diet: There are benefits to eating watermelon on a diet. It regains water-loss in the summer. Thanks to the vitamins it contains, eating watermelon on a diet is good for the body. Vitamin C needs 12% of the body  and the vitamin B needs 2% of the body is supplied the needs of 100 grams of watermelon.

Does watermelon lose weight: The watermelon does not have a losing effect, only consumed the watermelon is a mistake to lose weight. It can be consumed without excessive. You have to balance the calories and the energy consumption, if do like this, losing weight becomes reality in a healthy way. The antioxidant which are called lycopene, gives the reddish coloring of the watermelon and tomatoes. Consuming too much of this fruit can lead to various problems in the stomach. For example, dulls and nausea.

Watermelon Nutritional Facts and usefulness for Health

When the cut off 100 grams of watermelon nutritional facts are examined, the following values come out as a result;

  • 30 Calories.
  • 0.5 gr. Protein.
  • 0.3 gr. fiber
  • 10 mgr. phosphorus
  • 7 mgr. calcium
  • 8.5 mgr. iron
  • 320 mg. potassium
  • Because it is too watery, it helps to urinate and to help the kidneys move.
  • There is 0 (zero) fat in nutritional value.

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