How Many Calorie In An Egg

The egg that an easy-to-prepare food is healthy and tasty, consists of two main parts: a white layer which is rich in protein and a yellow layer which is egg yolk. Egg contains; Protein, minerals and vitamins (except vitamins C), it is also beneficial for the eyes and good memory.

How many calories is in whites?

The task of this white fluid, which is rich in protein and contains very low fat, is to feed and protect the embryo in the yellow section. The amount of calories in white is about 15 calories depending on size of egg. This value is much less than the yolk.

How much calorie is in yolk?

This section contains fat and cholesterol, all vitamins in the egg. The egg yolk, which is very nutritious, contains about 60 calories. So the total calorie of the egg is 75-80 calories. You can see the nutritional value of the egg in below: