Harms Of Banana

Harm of banana, primarily banana is used in skin care, for general health and for desserts. Banana is not known much harm for health. However, overuse of the banana may cause diarrhea or constipation. It is especially beneficial to be used carefully because the sugar content is slightly higher than other fruits. At the same time, it contains vitamins of B1, B6, C, R, D and B2 and these vitamins are very necessary for body health and protect against diseases. Banana, a tropical fruit, loves very warm climates and is grown in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions in our country. The calcium-rich banana is also very rich in fiber and very useful for general health. Bananas are very useful for health as well as banana peel is very useful.

Harms of banana

  • The banana is not too bad for health. However, as in other fruit, it is necessary to avoid excessive consumption of the banana.
  • When banana is consumed excessively, constipation problem is seen
  • Dietician do not recommend banana to those who lose weight. Banana is affecting people in the process of losing weight.
  • People with allergies to tropical fruits can also cause banana negative complications. If you consume bananas, it is recommended not to consume it if symptoms such as nausea, redness and itching are seen in the body.
  • Banana diabetic patients should not be consumed too much. It can cause problems in people because there is too much sugar in it.


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