Benefits of Banana Peel

Children love to eat a banana. We rub off without thinking about the shell, but the shell has a lot more than you think!

– When you are inside the banana shell for mosquito bites, it gets pruritus and bloating.

-In order to soften the calluses, peel the inside of the banana peel, put it on callus when it is about a spoon, wrap it over. Open it in a few hours and wash it with clean water.

-You can put the banana peel to recover the acnes

– Rub your knees in banana peels to help you get through your aches (I’ve heard newly and tried it – but it’s worth trying)

– It is a very good shoe polish with its potassium and oils. Rub your shoes with the banana peel, then clean it with the cloth.

– When you eat a banana, thanks to tryptophan which helps secretion of serotonin the body becomes calm. It is also very useful for your kidneys and bones. It is full of vitamins B6.

-I add it without forgetting: You can also make the most healthy ice cream with banana. Peel a few pieces of banana, cut the pieces, throw them in the fridge for 30 minutes, get take to be up the frozen, pass the blender, add milk if you like. Then taste it with your favorite taste, cacao, carob, vanilla, raspberries, everything you can try.

Note: This article is not used for medical treatment.

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