Benefit of Banana Peel For Skin

Skin Care with Banana Peel moistens dry skin in particular. Moisturizing your skin with banana peel is an easy way. This is due to the fact that there is found in almost every fridge. You can also easily treat your skin with banana without having to pay for your cosmetic products.

How to Make Skin Care with Banana?

Banana skin care is easy to do. The first step you need to make is to put the banana peel together. But the newer the banana peel the better. So when you make skin care with banana peels, do not collect the banana peels. It would be beneficial if the bananas is fresh.

As a second step, you can eat a banana. However, for have to use 5-6 bananas, you can put bananas in the fridge instead of eating them all and you can give bananas for some people. It’s up to you now what you will do with the banana. Take the banana peels and lay the banana peels nicely on the skin, where there is need to be moisturized.

Make sure the banana sticks to your skin. In short, do not lay sloppy. In your skin where the bananas are put dry inside, in your cracked skin, make sure that the inside of the peel is lying there and stick to your skin.

You can smooth over where you need to moisten the banana in your direction. However, whatever happens, you should wait at least 1 hour on your skin. Take a shower after waiting for 1 hour.

So you will be peeling with a banana on dried skin and cracks in your skin with banana and skin cells will come moist and natural in a short time instead of dry skin.


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