20 Interesting Banana Facts

Banana is one of the most consumed plants in the world. Some people prefer to taste and smell, but it is actually a very important food for the body.

  1. About 100 million bananas are consumed every year in the world.
  2. Two bananas provide enough energy for a 90-minute intense workout.
  3. Bananas contain natural chemicals that can make people happy. The same chemical is also found in Prozac.
  4. Banana helps to relieve tiredness.
  5. It has been determined that banana prevents macular degeneration, reduction of vision in old age.
  6. In the past, original bananas were not only sweet but also red and green in color.
  7. The vitamin C is a source of vitamin B6, as well as potassium and manganese.
  8. Banana doesn’t contain fat and cholesterol.
  9. It is known that banana reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and cancer.
  10. According to a research, women who consume bananas at the time of ovulation give birth boys.

According to a research conducted at Oxford University, it was reported that women who consume bananas give birth 56 percent more boys than the others. Experts stressed that for the first time, maternal nourishment is scientifically proven to be a determining factor in the sex of the baby.

  1. Banana is one of the fruits of high- water content. Contain 75% consists of water.
  2. The yellow bananas that discovered in 1836 are a mutated kind.
  3. Human DNA is 50% identical with the bananas DNA.
  4. Banana is a fruit that contains radiation.

If you eat 50 bananas, the amount of radiation that you are exposed to is the same as when you pass through an x-ray machine.

  1. If you can eat 480 pieces of banana, overdose may cause you die from potassium.
  2. Banana trees are known the highest herbaceous plants in the world that do not actually enter the tree class.
  3. If you keep the banana in the refrigerator, the color of the peel turns brown, the inside of the banana does not spoil for a long time.

At the same time, tarnish of banana peel affect antioxidants, so the benefits of the banana are increasing.

  1. The biggest producer of bananas is India. One of every four banana is produced in India.
  2. Banana Club Museum is occupied in a city of California.

There are over 17 thousand banana items in the museum.

  1. The banana republic was first used by the American writer O. Henry.

Because the big companies have established the banana plantations on the borders of undeveloped states, they are called the Banana Republic.

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