1 Piece of Pear Nutritional And Calorie Value, İs İt Gained Weight ?

1 Piece of Pear Nutritional and Calorie Value, İs İt Gained Weight ?

One reason why we prefer pear is that the pear has a low calorie. Choosing low fruity in your diet will make it easier to lose weight. Does Pear gain Weight on Diet?

1 Piece of Pear Calories: 100 grams, a small pear is 52 calories.

Nutritional contents (100 Grams)

  • Carbohydrate (g); 12,4
  • Protein (g); 0.5
  • Fat (g); 0,3
  • Fiber (g); 2.9

As everyone knows, Pear is a delicious, vitamin-rich fruit and loves to eat. Fiber content of Pear is highest fruit. For this reason, it can be consumed to prevent intestinal problems. In addition, high fiber content helps to lose weight. High-fiber contents increase the feeling of satiety and provide your fullness for a while. This will help control your appetite and lose weight.

Is Pear gained weight: Pear balances your blood sugar. So you will stop your feeling of hunger and your tiredness. Another benefit of pear on lose weight is that it facilitates digestion and accelerates metabolism. Thanks to these benefits, we cannot say that it is gained weight, of course, excessive consumption should be avoided.

Are pears consumed on Diet: Those people who want to lose weight on a diet should be preferred on the diet list, pears are low calories and nutritious.


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